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STLib For GRRM14

STLib For GRRM 14 is the library file necessary to execute GRRM 14.

System requirements

   Only Linux distributions below are supported.
  • RedHatEL 5x,6x,7x
  • CentOS 5x,6.x,7.x
  • OpenSUSE 12.3 / 13.2
  • Ubuntu 14.x

Restriction on distribution

   Due to intellectual property protection laws, there are a number of countries which STLib For GRRM14 cannot be delivered to.

STLib For GRRM14

STLib For GRRM14 protects GRRM program from illegal copy and unlicensed use.

How to Order STLib For GRRM14

  1. Please contact GRRM developers and ask permission to use GRRM program.
  2. Receive User ID from GRRM developers
  3. After you received User ID, please fill in and submit the Contact Form below.
    Please make sure you already have User ID issued by GRRM developer before doing this.
  4. Our representative will contact you by email and process your order.