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GRRM Free Trial

GRRM Free Trial is provided for the purpose of promotion of research use and industry use of GRRM.
It is only for people who are intended to actually use GRRM.


1. System Specification

Limited trial period. Free of charge.

  • You can try STLib_for_GRRM14 one(1) month free of charge.
    • One person can apply only once.
    • To apply, e-mail address and MAC Address of your network card are needed.
    • Trial period is limited to 30 days. No longer than that.
    • Only CentOS 6.x and RedHatEL 6.x are supported.
    • Electronic state calculation program is needed in advance in your runtime environment.
    • GRRM-STLib is used for security.

    • Please apply from the contact form below.
      (please select "GRRM Free Trial" in Product in the form.)
      After our acceptance, following items will be sent.
      • STLib_for_GRRM14 and its installation howto
      • STLib_for_GRRM14 binary and its manual
      • Tutorial (Sample jobs of GRRM)
      • Trial use period notice